Windows 8: Developer Preview: Part 2

I just installed Windows 8: Developer Preview on my old Toshiba laptop. I could have done the 64-bit version, but I didn’t want to take any chances, plus my discs are only –W, so I can’t re-write them. It runs a whole lot faster on a real computer then it does on a Virtual Machine. It took about 5 minutes to do what a 30 min process took on a virtual machine, but the first boot was almost 3 times as long on a physical computer. It takes a while to install Windows if you haven’t noticed. One of the new things that I like about it is that when your battery goes low, it notifies you instead of doing a popup which could be covered by an application on Vista and 7. One thing I need to get used to is the new start menu. When I need a desktop app, I have to go to my charm-bar (which is easier on a physical than a vm.) and choose Search, or go to my start menu and type. The other bad thing about that is that I need to scroll down and choose “Applications”, because the default is searching /BUILD. That aside, I applaud Microsoft for they’re new OS. Sorry about me not posting much, nothing to post about lately. Thanks for reading this and I will hopefully be posting a video of Windows 8 running soon. Also!! I forgot to say that it takes Windows about 10 seconds to boot up and it boots up almost instantly from a hibernate, so that’s way faster than the OS I covered! (10-15 minutes booting Vista, 15-20 minutes shutting Vista down.) Ok, that’s done. Thanks, guys! Smile



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