SOPA: Where I stand

Oh gosh. Where do I begin? I’ll start out with I don’t like the SOPA and ProtectIP acts. They will do only harm to not only me and my writers, but also Chris Pirillo, who makes a living off of his work. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. What’s the problem? It doesn’t stop piracy! This act will do us absolutely no good at all! If SOPA and ProtectIP pass, me as a blogger could get sued or even put in jail for doing nothing wrong! All this does is let congress sue people and put them in jail if they don’t live up to congress’s standards. Scariest off all, there are a lot of companies that agree with the bill! lost 74,000 domains because they used to support SOPA. (Of course, they backed off.) Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) says “Intellectual property is one of America’s chief job creators and competitive advantages in the global marketplace, yet American inventors, authors, and entrepreneurs have been forced to stand by and watch as their works are stolen by foreign infringers beyond the reach of current U.S. laws.” I don’t care! My content is open-source! Take it if you want! Share it on Facebook, Tweet it, I don’t care if you use it. I would like credit, but I don’t require it! SOPA won’t stop downloaders like MegaUpload or FilesTube. Users could enter the IP address of the sites, instead of the name and be taken there. I am sad to say that there are a lot of supporting companies for SOPA. Like I said above, GoDaddy got boycotted by some pretty mad people. We still have a long way to go on this, and not much time. Please, look up SOPA on Wikipedia and check out the article! It’s the worst thing that could happen! We make the Internet, we shape it. Why should we let the government remove all of our content?



3 comments on “SOPA: Where I stand

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