Dear Readers…

I wanted to thank everybody for all of the positive feedback I’ve been getting on my blog posts, especially the MirandaIM post. Before Wednesday, Blender’s post had the most feedback, all positive. When I went in and allowed all the posts in my “Spam” folder, they were all addressed to the MirandaIM post! I was shocked at how much you guys liked the very short article. I made that article before I knew that people actually read my blog, and didn’t think it was very much. I never expected so much feedback on it! I am pleased to read all the comments and seeing them all positive comments, and I hope that in the year ahead, I continue creating articles that you guys like! I’m facing a rather scary threat from SOPA, but neither of us are posting any piracy, at least not consciously. I’m sure this bill can be defeated, but why go into that right now? The last thing I need here is bad news! Anyways, I get a ton of comments stating that you guys stumbled upon the website by luck and found that it has good content on it. I’m still working on getting videos up here, and will get that done soon! Like I’ve said, I’m still working out the bugs of the website, so please don’t repost comments if they don’t show up immediately. Smile Again, thanks a ton and the next year will produce more content that I hope you find useful and informative! If you have a knack for blogging yourself, but really don’t feel like going through the steps of making a blog, please drop me a line at letting me know you want to join, and a short article about a program or device that amuses you. If I find the article well-written and to-the-point, I’ll email you back. From there, expect an invitation to the site in your inbox! 2012, here we come!




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