Now it’s your turn!

Hey guys! I decided to let you guys decide what I should do a post on next! Of course, you guys were able to request before now, but if you were unsure about it, now you know that you can request a post! Please keep in mind that the comments won’t show up for a while, and I’m unable to check the comments on a weekend, so only post once. Winking smile I’ve contacted WordPress about this problem and I’m waiting for a reply back, so I’ll have to deal with it in the meantime. Of course, there are some limitations on what you can request. Here they are:

  • Must have something to do with tech. After all, that’s what the blog is about, right?
  • Let’s keep it appropriate for the younger audience. You all have been so great on this so far!
  • I don’t do any iOS or OS X tutorials, as I don’t own an iOS device and don’t really like OS X.
  • The request must not break any copyrights or be a system hack of any type. These are illegal and I’m going to have to be ultra careful as-is if SOPA passes.
  • It’s best if you ask for a review on an open-source software or OS.

I’m going to try to fill all the requests that fit the guidelines above, but I might have some problems on non-free software or OSes. (Excluding Windows, of course.) I’m going to try to get my Tandy 1400 HD fixed and do a review on that. Me and my friend went out in my garage (which probably isn’t helping the fact that it doesn’t work) and tried to get the system to boot up. We flipped the switch… nothing happened. He tried plugging it in, but I think we were plugging it in the wrong power supply. Anyways, I’ll keep you posted on that situation.

Also, if you guys have a computer emergency that has something to do with the technical side of things, or you just have a question, email me at I check it every time I’m online, and when my friend tells me he’s sent me something. I can give you free tech support, but I don’t know everything, so I might have an issue. You can also ask me questions about Linux or Windows, as well as coding in the Python language. Smile




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