Is it ever ok to be “friends” with people you don’t know on Facebook?

Most people have 200-300 friends on Facebook. The thing is, they don’t know half of them! Now, most adults don’t really care, but the kiddos could be harassed by these people they don’t know, and let’s face it; us kids don’t really tell our parents (or guardians, I should say.)

So, the question is, is it ever OK to be friends with people you don’t know? It depends. If you are an adult, it might be ok. But as for the kids, probably not without asking your folks. Winking smile It may also be a good idea to check out that person’s page before accepting or sending requests. If they look shady, stay away. Also, don’t be afraid to report inappropriate content! If you see something you don’t like, or they are spamming you, report them. It’s ok to report something bad, they won’t come and find you. In fact, I don’t even think Facebook tells the person who reported them, so you’ll be fine if you report them. Winking smile It’s always good to do the right thing, the Internet needs people to do good deeds, since the Internet is crawling with inappropriate content and “trolls” (spammers that annoy the heck out of people.)

Well, that’s all I have for today. I might do a review on the DVD player I just got or on the Eclipse CDL MP3 player. (Might not do the one on the mp3 player if it crashes my computer again…) Thanks for reading! Be sure to check our special downloads website for updates on GB7 OS, it’s about to pass the full GUI mark… If I can figure out how this new kernel works. Hope to see you later today at our GB7 IRC Q+A session and Google+ Hangout!




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