How it all started

I decided I wanted to write a post about how GB7 started and what was the original plan and how that plan changed in a matter of days.

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Well, the past month has been an interesting month for us here at GB7, with the ContentBurst gone and the new writer and all that stuff, we’ve almost forgotten to post!

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The site has been redone!

Due to recent events, the site has been handed back over to me, as my Internet now allows. Also, Brenden has been denoted to writer for violating the terms too many times. This makes room for some major changes to the blog. As you may see above, I have gotten rid of a few outdated pages. I have also changed the theme back to iTheme2. I have ALSO refined the iPad version of GB7. Some serious changes have occurred. I just wanted to let you know that the website has not been hacked, but redone. Winking smile


No spamming spam spammers be spam spam… You get the point.

That was confusing. Anyways, I have recently noticed a whole lot of spam coming in. Mostly links. One time, we got a comment in Spanish that, of course, was spam. We are also getting a lot of comments saying stuff like:

“I just came across your site by accident and I’m glad I did”

Though these comments are nice and usually come with a compliment, they are starting to get a bit annoying. I am seeing little reaction from the crowd. I know you’re watching, I have a stat counter! Winking smile If some of these “spam” comments are actually WordPress, CUT IT OUT! But I just wanted to let you know that I will make all necessary actions about spammers if need be. Oh, and there was also a comment about an “AOL” post I made……… I didn’t write an AOL post. AOL is ancient, I used it when I was 5! (And now we use PeoplePC for dial-up, which I don’t even bother using) Now I want to give you a warning; starting this Wednesday, IP addresses of all spammers will be blocked from coming to GB7! So, no spamming spam spammers be spam spam!



Unity Technologies ApS, 2011, freeware or proprietary

Do you like games? Do you like 3D games? Do you wish you could make your own 3D game? Well now you can! Unity 3D is your free (or not free) ticket to making games that can be released to PC and Mac, iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.,) Xbox, PS, Wii and more! (Pro license required for game systems, Macintosh computer required for iOS publishing) Unity is a very simple to use program, but not so simple to setup. Allow me to explain;

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There seems to have been a misunderstanding within the blog’s administration. You may have caught a post about how we will be doing a 2 hour ContentBurst this Sunday. This is incorrect. The webmaster did NOT consult the rest of the board (A.K.A.: Me….) before posting such information. This has been discarded and we will only have a 1 hour ContentBurst this Sunday. Please keep in mind that Brenden tends to rush off with ideas without first consulting the owner. If such issues with him occur again, he will be removed from the board. We do apologize for missing the last ContentBurst, it seems to have slipped our minds… I would like to thank Mike Wilkerson on Google+ for letting me know about this post. Otherwise, the whole issue would still be around. Thanks, Mike! Open-mouthed smile

As stated above, the ContentBurst will take place this Sunday for 1 hour. My posts won’t be up until Monday though. Winking smile


Pinnacle VideoSpin

Avid (Pinnacle), 2009, Shareware

Long before I had this Windows 7, I had a Vista (ok, a dual-boot Vista/Ubuntu-Maverick.) On the Vista, I had a program called Pinnacle Studio 11. Man, that was a great video editing program. Unfortunately, when we moved, I lost the disc. So I spent a week or so scouring the Internet, looking for an equivalent for Studio. Then I found VideoSpin, a spin-off of Studio made by the same people.

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How to use VirtualBox


Looking for some good software for your virtualization needs? Look no further! VirtualBox is a great software for running the obvious, like Windows, to running the unknown, like JRocketVE or L4. This simple tutorial tells you how to make a virtual machine in VirtualBox. Here’s what you’ll need:

VirtualBox and an Operating System of your choice.

I will be installing Windows 3.1 on my Virtual machine today. Let’s go ahead and get started!

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