How to use VirtualBox


Looking for some good software for your virtualization needs? Look no further! VirtualBox is a great software for running the obvious, like Windows, to running the unknown, like JRocketVE or L4. This simple tutorial tells you how to make a virtual machine in VirtualBox. Here’s what you’ll need:

VirtualBox and an Operating System of your choice.

I will be installing Windows 3.1 on my Virtual machine today. Let’s go ahead and get started!

  1. Open up VirtualBox and click “New”new
  2. Click next.
  3. Now, name your VM and choose a preset for the OS, then click next. I will be doing Windows 3.1.newdialog
  4. Assign some RAM. VirtualBox will set it automatically to the recommended setting. In my case, 32 MB.
  5. You will be prompted to make a start-up disk. Click next.vhd
  6. Now you will make your virtual hard disk, which will be your start-up disk. A virtual hard disk is an archive that virtualization applications use that act like real hard drives. Though VirtualBox gives you plenty of choices for format, I prefer VHD. You can open a .VHD file with 7-Zip! Choose your format and click next.vhd1
  7. Now, you will need to choose whether your virtual hard disk will be dynamically allocated or fixed size. I used to use fixed size, but it took too long to make and the files where just too big, so I now use dynamically allocated.vhd2
  8. Now, you choose the name and size of your virtual hard drive. My recommended size is 1 GB. Choose the name and size and click next.vhd3
  9. You will now get a summary of your hard drive. Click create.
  10. Click create.
  11. If you are starting from an ISO file or a CD, you can go ahead and boot your virtual machine. If you are booting from a floppy drive, you have to follow some extra steps:
  12. Click settings. You will have to wait for it to load for a moment.
  13. Go into “Storage”
  14. Now click this button and “Add Floppy Controller.”button1
  15. Click this button and then click “Choose disk.”flopp
  16. Now select your .IMG or .IMA file and click open. Now click ok.
  17. You can now start your VM. If you didn’t need a floppy disk, a first-run dialog will open asking for the CD device input.
  18. You can now install your OS on your brand new VM! Winking smile

Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial! Tell me if you think I should do a VMWare version of this tutorial!

Also, our IRC Q+A session (and the whole channel) and Google+ hangout have been canceled. We aren’t getting anybody to come. Sad smile Oh well, it’s one of those failures that you learn from. And, I have updated GB7 OS, so check the special downloads page for that! Smile



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