Can Windows 8 actually hurt Microsoft’s sales?

During a live TLDR broadcast on Friday, Chris Pirillo brought up an interesting point; Just as Vista and ME made users switch to OS 10 (Mac) and Linux, so will Windows 8. Now, that probably wasn’t exactly what he said, but it was along those lines. I found this statement rather interesting and actually, this could be true.

Earlier in the broadcast, he brought up how some people don’t like change… and how is dad called him up screaming about a shortcut in the wrong place. That’s a bit extreme. But I didn’t like change to my computer either. That all changed when I installed Linux. Now I love to tweak and change, that’s why I like VMs so much. (Whoa, we are way off track…) I think what I was getting at was that so many users don’t want the Start menu to change, so they go with an OS that won’t change too much, like OS 10 or Linux. I personally, like the new Start menu, but don’t like seeing the #1 characteristic of Windows leave. The Metro Start menu isn’t that good either. Sure, it shows Metro apps just fine, but desktop apps don’t seem to like the Metro and therefore appear as tiny, sad icons.

It’s really all about who you are. If you love Windows, but don’t like the Metro, you don’t ever have to upgrade if you don’t want. And if you lose your current Windows version, you may have to go to Linux or OS 10. You can put Linux on just about any machine. I wish I could say the same about OS 10… But I can’t. Winking smile

If you like the Metro, more power to you! I’ve already said that I like the Metro, but I don’t think I’m ready to give up the classic Start menu that has been in the Windows family since Windows 95. So, to be funny, which we try to be, I’ve made a cute little picture about the Start menu. Here it is:


This might be just a wee bit… over dramatic, but hey, it’s funny. At least I think it is. BlueScreen blue gravestone with BlueScreen font…….. no? lame.

All jokes aside (at least most of them,) the Metro experience may cause computer users to choose a different OS, be it Linux, OS 10, Solaris, OS/2, Amiga, that weird Java one, MikeOS, GB7 OS… The list of OSes is pretty much endless. (Dang it, that’s the 2nd time this whole article I’ve gone off track…) But really, it could hurt Microsoft.

Another interesting point Chris brought up was that Metro and Aero can’t coexist without confusing the user. I divided the versions of Windows into a few different “eras”; DOS (Windows 1-3), Classic (Windows 95-2000), XP (Windows XP), Aero (Windows Vista and 7) and Metro (Windows 8), but putting Windows 8 in it’s own era might not work out quite right, as it is both Metro and Aero. We will have to see what Microsoft does and maybe guide them to a better OS. Kind of like those old Windows 7 commercials, “I’m a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea.” If we had that for Windows 7, which wasn’t too far from Vista, why not have that for Windows 8? All we (GB7 administration board) can do is wait and see Microsoft shape the future of Windows. Just one last thing before I close this post down; I don’t like the idea of Windows being a tablet (or touch) OS. I just don’t. I’m not a huge fan of touch and have only used mouse and keyboard, so Windows 8 will be a huge change if I end up having to upgrade. (I don’t think I can run Linux, don’t really feel like finding out right now. Winking smile)

That’s all I’ve got for now. Since we are talking about Chris Pirillo, I might as well say that he is getting married to his girlfriend Diana this Friday! Go ahead and drop him a line at congratulating him and if you want to see the wedding, he will live stream it for Gnomies, so come join me and almost 400 other Gnomies for a VIP pass. Sign up at!


I would like to note that there is LockerGnome content in this post. We are not in any way trying to take from LockerGnome. This post is related to the recent blog post “Will consumers flock to Windows 8?” All credit goes to them, I just chimed in on my opinion, which is one of the reasons I made this blog in the first place Winking smile


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