Pinnacle VideoSpin

Avid (Pinnacle), 2009, Shareware

Long before I had this Windows 7, I had a Vista (ok, a dual-boot Vista/Ubuntu-Maverick.) On the Vista, I had a program called Pinnacle Studio 11. Man, that was a great video editing program. Unfortunately, when we moved, I lost the disc. So I spent a week or so scouring the Internet, looking for an equivalent for Studio. Then I found VideoSpin, a spin-off of Studio made by the same people.

This program is almost exactly like Studio. Except for a few things missing. In Studio, there was an amazing audio generator that gave you tons of options for different types of music. This among other things, are gone in VideoSpin. Another issue I found is that you can’t change the window size for it, making it a strange experience. Now, you notice above that it is “Shareware.” This is true. It says it’s Freeware, but it’s not. After a month, you have to pay or you can’t import MPEG-4 videos. This may not seem so bad, but it is, as most video formats are MPEG-4. The only exception is WMV. This can become a pain. Despite the fails the program has, it is still really good for video editing. Better than Movie Maker. One issue I have with it is that it constantly crashes, so you have to be slow with it. Not a geek’s thing. I feel kind of stupid, because I have no link, so go ahead and Google it. Winking smile Sorry.

Well, sorry for the fail of no link.



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