There seems to have been a misunderstanding within the blog’s administration. You may have caught a post about how we will be doing a 2 hour ContentBurst this Sunday. This is incorrect. The webmaster did NOT consult the rest of the board (A.K.A.: Me….) before posting such information. This has been discarded and we will only have a 1 hour ContentBurst this Sunday. Please keep in mind that Brenden tends to rush off with ideas without first consulting the owner. If such issues with him occur again, he will be removed from the board. We do apologize for missing the last ContentBurst, it seems to have slipped our minds… I would like to thank Mike Wilkerson on Google+ for letting me know about this post. Otherwise, the whole issue would still be around. Thanks, Mike! Open-mouthed smile

As stated above, the ContentBurst will take place this Sunday for 1 hour. My posts won’t be up until Monday though. Winking smile




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