No spamming spam spammers be spam spam… You get the point.

That was confusing. Anyways, I have recently noticed a whole lot of spam coming in. Mostly links. One time, we got a comment in Spanish that, of course, was spam. We are also getting a lot of comments saying stuff like:

“I just came across your site by accident and I’m glad I did”

Though these comments are nice and usually come with a compliment, they are starting to get a bit annoying. I am seeing little reaction from the crowd. I know you’re watching, I have a stat counter! Winking smile If some of these “spam” comments are actually WordPress, CUT IT OUT! But I just wanted to let you know that I will make all necessary actions about spammers if need be. Oh, and there was also a comment about an “AOL” post I made……… I didn’t write an AOL post. AOL is ancient, I used it when I was 5! (And now we use PeoplePC for dial-up, which I don’t even bother using) Now I want to give you a warning; starting this Wednesday, IP addresses of all spammers will be blocked from coming to GB7! So, no spamming spam spammers be spam spam!



3 comments on “No spamming spam spammers be spam spam… You get the point.

  1. Well I’ll leave a post,… I thihnk you can do better,…. yupp i said it, your site could use some work,…. I know your not a site designer, but a game designer but i still think your site could look better. I’ve only read the front page so far, and got here by following a link from twitter, seeing that you had followed me,… Thanx BTW 😉 B ut back to my rant ,… I have a boy 5 whom you look like so please im just ranting to get better at it,… lol ,.. anyways for reals check out elegantthemes seeing that your running wordpress. and if you cant afford $39 a year for the themes just tribler (no spyware torrent) them ,… i did and ill pay them back when oi have money ,…. but take a look at my site or their gallary,.. anyways ill head back to your front page and see what else yall got for offer,…. And just to let ypou know,… yes I did write this post, it’s not just some auto responder to sell my $100,000 Playaz Club diamonds,… 😉 -Cheers


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