The site has been redone!

Due to recent events, the site has been handed back over to me, as my Internet now allows. Also, Brenden has been denoted to writer for violating the terms too many times. This makes room for some major changes to the blog. As you may see above, I have gotten rid of a few outdated pages. I have also changed the theme back to iTheme2. I have ALSO refined the iPad version of GB7. Some serious changes have occurred. I just wanted to let you know that the website has not been hacked, but redone. Winking smile



2 comments on “The site has been redone!

  1. Oh & By the way what I really mean by your site needs to be re-done is, Personally I like Sliders for my front page. I was going to say what I wrote about torrenting Elegant Themes and stealing ,… I ,meant it,.. but there is also a nice ‘free’ theme named BrightPage,…. I used to use it last year but have just changed for diffrent looks ,……. 😉


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