Well, the past month has been an interesting month for us here at GB7, with the ContentBurst gone and the new writer and all that stuff, we’ve almost forgotten to post!

Well, as if things weren’t hard enough for me as an admin, we have some sad news today. This past Wednesday, Brenden Reeves has stepped down. He has chosen a different path, and is simply too busy to post much content here on GB7. I wish him good luck on his new hobby; game creation. Brenden started on new years eve this year and has posted quite a bit of great content since, and also took my place as webmaster for a while.

12/29/2011 – 3/14/2012

We also have quite a bit of news regarding the blog. First off (because it happened first,) we have a new blogger joining us now! Maceo is a friend of me and Brenden and he does a lot of mobile stuff and is one of the best techy people I know personally (sorry, Chris, I don’t know you… yet.) The only catch is that he is yet to accept the invitation to the blog. Obviously, he comments with the name ‘”maceo.” I will notify him that he needs to accept the invitation to the blog before he can start posting. Winking smile Kind of how it works around these parts.

Our next and probably biggest change is that we are finally back to sharing TLDR (The LockerGnome Daily Report) live broadcasts on our new page. I will update them each Monday, assuming the events exist. I want to share a playlist that automatically plays the next (or currently live) video, so that I don’t have to update it at all, but I have yet to find a way to embed a playlist from YouTube. Stay tuned and keep checking the page! Smile

Our final piece of news is that I might do a GB7 video series hosted right here on GB7, so give me some ideas on the animation and all that. And a name. I need a name for it. Winking smile Yes, I just thought this up.

Well, that is all I have for right now, so I leave you with the word for next week (new thing, just thought of it) Aeolotropic: Having properties with different values along different axes. Weird…. Winking smile




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