How it all started

I decided I wanted to write a post about how GB7 started and what was the original plan and how that plan changed in a matter of days.

I knew I wanted to be a writer, but when I tried book projects, I would usually get bored and stop writing after the first day. Then came blogging, writing small articles about whatever I wanted and voicing my opinion without making something too long and drawn out for anybody to want to read. One other benefit was that I could put pictures in my articles too. So my search for a carrier began. I originally wanted to use, but accessing Webs was time consuming and a serious pain. Plus I wouldn’t be able to write offline, which is my usual situation. So I looked around and then remembered that my computer came with Windows Live Writer, which had to be linked to a WordPress of Blogger account to work. So I went over to WordPress and started my account. I wanted to register, but that was taken and so I pulled the number 7 out of my head and slapped it on the URL, coming out with Still to this day, the blog’s name is “Geeks blog,” but that is soon to change. Then I decided to abbreviate, so the term GB7 was born. Now, I don’t call the blog GB or Geeks blog, I call it GB7, or Geeks blog 7, and that’s how it all happened. I went from trying to write books to writing blog posts. At first, I though nobody was reading the blog, but I didn’t really care, I kept writing because I liked to. Then I went into the dashboard and saw that I had 19 comments that were marked as “spam.” I went in to find out that none of them were actually spam. I accepted them all and had to continue to do so even now. I continued to blog alone until new years eve, when I went to my friend’s house for a new years party (the video is still on Ustream.) I told him about my blog and asked him if he wanted to join. He agreed and so I sent him an invitation (which took surprisingly long) and he was a blogger by midnight. Then, one Monday, I logged on to the Wi-Fi (which had originally been blocked, but was fine by then) to find that it was blocking the Internet once more. This meant that I couldn’t access the blog to let in comments or anything. So I gave the blog over to Brenden. He kept up the blog well for a while, but then started making changes that he never told me about. Time passed, and recently, they unlocked the Wi-Fi, so I took the blog back. Then, this past Wednesday, Brenden informed me that he is leaving the blog. And now we’re here.

That’s pretty much the whole story. Thanks for reading! Winking smile




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