ContentBurst–Post 3: Acer Aspire 5250 review

This is the first review on a computer we have ever done here at GB7, so here we go!

If you are looking for a cheap, but useful computer for anything you do, the Acer Aspire 5250 if for you, costing only $270. The wireless could be a lot better and it isn’t very tough. Here are the stats:

  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Windows Experience Index rating: 2.8
  • Processor: AMD C-50 Processor with 1.00 GHz
  • System type: 64-bit
  • Touch: No

It’s a little large for my bag, but it works well. The power cord is getting frayed up a bit, but it’s all my desk’s fault (bad desk, bad!) My friend said that he had problems running Ubuntu Linux on his, and I haven’t tried yet, so try to stay away from that. I’m running out of time here, so here’s a picture:

Acer Aspire 5250

So there you are!

Thanks a lot for reading the ContentBurst for February and I will continue to post as much as I can! Feel free to post on our Facebook wall over at and stay tuned to GB7 for more content! See you guys next week! (Well, you’ll see me. I won’t see you… I don’t know…) Smile



GPX CD Home Music System

The GPX CD Home Music System is a very nice addition to the hardware here at my base for GB7. I always have my PC plugged into it for auxiliary purposes. I don’t have very many exciting CDs, but I like to open the chamber just for the fun of it. Here’s a picture of the base system:

GPX CD Home Music System base

At first glance, it’s a bit oddly shaped. It attaches to 2 speakers, which I keep at both sides of my laptop’s screen.

Home office

It has 3 modes: CD, Radio and AUX. It has 2 input slots (One for left, one for right) on the back and the basic AUX in slot on the left (See first picture.) It also has a headphone jack, which makes some sense after thinking about it. One of the best things about this thing is the CD chamber. It slides up to reveal the CD slot! It is awesome! It also comes with a nice little remote:

GPX Remote

There is one flaw, the light. It is a bright blue light. I sleep in the same room as my home office is in, so I have to live with the blue light every night, which is ok, but may get a little annoying at first. You can find these on eBay or Amazon. This came as a Christmas present, so I have no clue where to buy it from, so try eBay and Amazon first! Smile

I’ve wanted to do this for the past 3 minutes: Cat faceDog faceGoatSnailTurtleBlack SheepBunny

Had to do that! Winking smile