How (and how not) to talk to non-geeky people

I always hate talking to my family about technology. They are not techy at all, except for my dad, but he’s not a geek. The only thing that makes him a Chris Pirillo geek more than me, is that he watched Call for Help from TechTV, which was Chris’s first job. Anyways, that’s beside the point. I conducted this little article to help you be better understood by your peers when you “Talk Tech.”

Use “English.” Yes, it helps not to speak in Spanish or French when talking about technology, but what I mean by using “English” is not to over-use technology terms. If I was talking to a non-geeky friend (we call them peeps), I wouldn’t want to say something like: “And then the 3rd section on my motherboard overheated and my file system read it as a failed sector of my hard disk and then I got a Kernel Panic laid on me.” No no no no no! Nobody would understand that. It doesn’t even make sense to me… Instead I would say something like: “And then my computer started getting really hot and it thought it was bad part on my memory and it crashed.” (It makes sense only when I seem to type it. Reading it makes it weird…) So now you know, use normal-people terms. Not everyone understands geek talk. Only use real terms if you have no “English” description for it. If they look confused, explain it to them. For example, “File system” could be explained as “The place where all my stuff is stored on my memory.” They should understand you now! Winking smile

I wanted to just let everybody know that I will become a Gnomie at the end of February. I am excited about becoming a Gnomie, but at the end of the month, my youth leader and current mentor on my “job” will be leaving. So I don’t know if I should be excited or fretting. I will only have about 5 weeks of experience and only on Sundays. I am having mixed emotions right now. Also, I will try to post weekly, not every 2 weeks, so see you next week, guys! Smile